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No11 Paper on "Fatal Adverse Reactions to Tamiflu" is now published
---case series and overview of causal relationships
By Rokuro Hama M.D. (Chairperson, Kusuri-no-Check)Jun. 23, 2008
No10 Tamiflu-induced encephalopathy is ‘yakugai (drug disaster)’
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) Feb. 1, 2007
No9 Call for ban on DTCA in NZ: Letter submitted to Ministry of Health in NZ
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) May. 23, 2006
No8 Revised for English version of the Informed Prescriber 21 (3); 21-24, 2006
Couldn't TGN1412 Tragedy be avoided? [for health professional]
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) Apr. 6, 2006
No7 English version of Web Kusuri-no-Check No65: 28 March 2006
Couldn't TGN1412 Clinical Trial Tragedy be avoided?
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) Apr. 6, 2006
No6 English version of No61:Tamiflu-related Strange Behavior and Sudden Death:
Three cases and 10 reasons why I think it relates to Tamiflu:
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) Nov. 26, 2005
No5 English version of No59:3 boys died from adverse reactions probably related to Tamiflu:
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) Nov. 25, 2005
Web-Kusuri-no-Check (Gefitinib Information)
No4 HAMA's comment on BMJ: "Did FDA overlook real toxicity of gefitinib in Japan?"
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) May. 14, 2003
No3 FDA approval might overlook real toxicity in Japan
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) May. 7, 2003
No2 Gefitinib (Iressa) Story
By HAMA, R and Sakaguchi K. Kusuri-no-Check
from ISDB Newsletter Vol 17 (No1) March 2003
No1 Iressa (gefitinib)should have never been approved
"Kusuri-no-Check"; English-web-version
by HAMA, R. MD (Kusuri-no-Check) Feb. 15, 2003
ISDB (International Society of Drug Bulletins) Newsletter
Vol 17 No1 March 2003
President’s report 1 Coordinator’s report
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Committee and executive group meetings
ISDB manual
Newsletter submissions
Secretary’s report
2005 Workshop and General Assembly
Contact details
2002 Workshop and General Assembly 3 ISDB Europe Regional Workshop 12
The gefitinib story 6 2002 Financial Report 14
The pharmaceutical industry:
power and profit
10 Minutes of the executive group
meeting, 16 December 2002
The Third Medicine Vigilance Seminar
This is the Japanese Essential-Medicine-List !
All Your Medicines Necessary? Safe?

Organized by NPO JIP and TIP
 Supported by Medicines san Frontieres Japan

Held on 26(Sat.) Oct〜 27(San.) Oct 2002 at Konohana Kaikan Osaka
Attending 600 participants in total
Check-up Your Medicine To Save Your Life
Published by NPOJIP
No.16 Sodium Fluoride: Summary 2004/10/20
No.15 Gastrointestinal Medicines: Summary 2004/7/20
No.14 Gastric Medicines: Summary 2004/4/20
No.13 Anxiety/Panic Disorder & Medicines: Summary 2004/1/20
No.12 Cold & Influenza (Revised & Enlarged Edition) 2005/3/10
No.11 Sleeping Pills & Tranquilizers: Contents 2003/7/20
No.10 Steroid Part 2: Contents 2003/4/24
No.8 Asthma & Essential Drugs: Contents 2002/10/20
No.7 Essential Drugs: Contents 2002/7/20
No.6 Antibiotics Part2: Contents 2002/4/20
No.5 Antibiotics: Contents 2002/1/20
No.4 Hepatitis & Interferon: Contents 2001/10/20
No.3 Hypertension: Contents 2001/7/20
No.2 Cholesterol: Contents 2001/4/15
No.1 Diabetes: Contents 2001/1/15
Column "Check-up Room for Your Medicine"
On every Saturday " The Asahi-Daily Newspaper" in Japanese
By HAMA, Rokuro
Chairman: NPO JapanInstitute of Pharmacovigilance
A Relationship between Cholesterol and Cancer
Surveys show "High cholesterol level makes a long life"
21th July 2001
Necessary for healthy body and not villain
14th July 2001
On the Use of Sleeping Pills
Informationfor patients---Important measures by Authorities
7th July 2001
"Making Bodies Needing No Pill"
Important Three Major Nutients
30th June 2001
"How to handle with Tranquilizers"
Look back your initial anxieties that make you need the drug
23rd June 2001
Hazards Increasing Anxiety by Anti-Anxiety Agents
16th June 2001
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