"Check-up Your Medicines to Save Your Life"

No.3 Hypertension


Message from Abroad

Mary Hemming
CEO, Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd. (Australia)

Main Feature: Hypertension

Principles of treatment for hypertension
Frequent changes in blood pressure are normal.
Treatment for hypertension
@Is the reference blood pressure in new guidelines appropriate?
Which antihypertensive drugs should we choose?
Hypertension and prostatic hypertrophy: -blocker
@"Killing two birds with one stone?"
KIMOTO, Yasusuke
Drug information leaflet for patient (Thiazide diuretic anti-hypertensives)

Feature 2

Diabetics, mind your feet!!
List of Drug Evaluation: Cholesterol lowering agents


The Relay Essay "Let's dump drugs"
Tricks in Assessment/Approval of New Drugs:
@Post-Marketing Clinical Trials (calcium antagonists)
@Only one randomized placebo-controlled long term clinical trial for hypertension has been conducted. It showed negative result and was discontinued.
Extra : What's behind the vicious precept of WHO?
Bioethics in Lay Language 3 "Bioethics of Placebo (2)"
TANIDA, Noritoshi
How to Communicate with Doctors---Case Studies
@1. One patient received inconsistent prescriptions from two different doctors, and came to us for advice. As a pharmacy outside of hospital, how should we deal with such a situation?
@2. Brain damage caused by Theodur (theophylline) syrup
Visit: Report from EPO(erythropoietin) Lawsuit Symposium
@Criticizing the ruling that "Mr. Abe, the defendant is not guilty" in AIDS drug disaster.
HAMA, Rokuro

Coffee Break: What's NPOJIP? (3)

Q & A: "Isn't Pontal (mefenamic acid) dangerous?"

Readers' Voice


Words Frequently Heard at Hospital

1) Blood Pressure---Closer to the heart, higher it gets.
2) Hypertension---A single check on blood pressure is not enough for determining the disease.
3) Antihypertensive Drugs---May prevent complications and extend life
4) Low Blood Pressure---Less risk for serious diseases
5) Stroke---Still high mortality rate and hospitalisation rate
6) Diagnosis of Stroke---CT may clearly show abnormality.