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Sodium Fluoride

Sodium Fluoride is believed to help prevent caries. In January, 2003, the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare recommended mass mouth-rinsing with sodium fluoride at nursery schools, kindergartens, and primary schools. This led to the institutional promotion of the mouth rinsing with sodium fluoride at schools and elsewhere.

This book thoroughly examines the benefits and harm of sodium fluoride in two issues. How beneficial is it? What and how much harm does it do?

In conclusion, sodium fluoride has almost no preventive effect for caries. The animal tests and large-scale epidemiological studies, which used to claim as the most reliable basis of the safety of sodium fluoride, actually turned out to be opposite. Quite contrarily, the data from these tests and studies are now the most reliable evidence of the danger of sodium fluoride.

We believe that by the time you finish reading, you will be convinced of the danger sodium fluoride.