"Check-up Your Medicines to Save Your Life"

No.7 Essential Drugs


Message from Abroad

Ellen't Hoen
Coordinator, Globalisation Project of Medecins sans Frontieres Access to Essential Medicines Campaign (France)

Main Feature: Essential Drugs

¡What is/isn't essential? Q&A
HAMA, Rokuro
¡Remembering only drug brand name could lead to misunderstanding
¡Acetaminophen, a powerful drug?!
¡Examples of essential drugs:
@antipyretic, analgesic, drug for gout, strong pain killer such as for cancer, drug for rheumatism, antihypertensive, drug for angina, antiarrhythmic drug, drug for cardiac failure, preventive drug for myocardial infarction etcc
¡Good bye to brands, hello to generics
HONDA, Takanari


¡The Relay Essay "Faith in medicine"
¡How to communicate with doctors
@"What's the role of pharmacists in the separation of dispensary from medicine?"
¡Medicine in Film: Insulin
KIMOTO, Yasusuke
¡Bioethics in Lay Language 7 "History of bioethics 2"
TANIDA, Noritoshi
¡History of Drug Disaster 3: Thalidomide
@ "Damage caused by thalidomide"
MASUYAMA, Yukari @"Epidemiology and administrative judgment"
@How to decide ban on a drug, using epidemiological data? : thalidomide as an example
TSUDA, Toshihide
¡Interview by Editor in Chief
@With Ms. ABE, Masako (Editor of Japanese version WHO The Use of Essential Drugs)
@"Patients, defend yourself with essential drugs!!"
¡Coffee Break: "Don't be deceived by advertisements (3)" Agaricus
¡Visit1: Rescue Association for Victims of Medical Malpractice, Founding Mini-symposium
¡Visit2: Association for Medical Accident Investigation, The 7th Symposium


¡Dietary Supplement

@That is in Japan where the essential drug concepts should be propagated.
HAMA, Rokuro

¡Evaluation of antibiotics and the price list

¡Readers' Voice


Words Frequently Heard at Hospital

  • Drug price---Prices of new drugs in Japan are too high compared with those in many Western countries.
  • Local drug---drugs used only in Japan