"Check-up Your Medicines to Save Your Life"

No.2 Cholesterol


Message from Abroad

Christophe Kopp
President, International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB)
Chief Editor, Prescrire International (France)

Main Feature: Cholesterol

Cholesterol 240-280mg/dl is for the best longevity.
Lowering it could cause cancer.

High cholesterol level is not an equivalent of 'hyperlipidemia'.
@It does NOT mean 'sick', but 'healthy'.
What's the role of cholesterol?
Japanese live longer with high cholesterol level.
@If lowered, the death rate from cancer increases.
The history of development of cholesterol lowering agents is marked with a series of failures and drug disaster.
Drug Information Leaflet for Patient
@Statin (HMG-Coa, reductase inhibitor)/Pravastatin---over 90% inessential

Feature 2 :

Complications of Diabetes: Urinary Disturbance and Reproductive Disorder
KIMOTO, Kosuke


The Relay Essay "Medical Practice and Radish"
Tricks in Assessment/Approval of New Drugs: "pravastatin (Mevalotin)"
Bioethics in Lay Language 2 "Bioethics of Placebo (1)"
TANIDA, Noritoshi
How to Communicate with Doctors---Case Study
@We don't want such pharmacies and pharmacists: About Sho-saiko-to
Report from Washington D.C. "Approval of New Drugs"
AMANO, Yoshiko


Is Antibiotic Efficacious against 0-157 Infection?

@"Drug Syndicate: They profit from coarse (harmful/ineffective) drugs, setting up the healthy for the sick. Call for true vigilance."
HAMA, Rokuro
Coffee Break: What's NPOJIP? (2)
The Critique----"EBM Journal" No.1 "On EBM Guideline for Hyperlipidemia"
Readers' Voice

Words Frequently Heard at Hospital

1) Cholesterol---Essential for sustaining life
2) Hyperlipidemia---220-280 is normal. Low cholesterol level is more dangerous.
3) Cholesterol Lowering Agent--- Not so much in need for Japanese.
4) Angina Pectoris---Warning against the lack of oxygen in heart.
5) Prevention of Angina Pectoris---It is crucial to quit smoking and have some exercise.
6) Cardiac Infarction---Stoppage in blood vessel. Risk of instant death.
7) Atherosclerosis---Common disease for Japanese
8) Steroid---important hormone made from cholesterol
9) Prevention of Cardiac Infarction---Aspirin is effective.
10) Diarrhea---Be cautious of dangerous dehydration.
11) Food Poisoning---Recently, food poisoning induced by salmonella is increasing.