gHow to handle with Tranquilizersh @@23rd June 2001
Look back your initial anxieties that make you need the drug

By HAMA, Rokuro
Chairman: NPO Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance

@There were various reactions to the last weekfs column on tranquilizers. One person claimed gone of my family panicked because the column pointed out that tranquilizers have harm. Patients may not be saved unless the column described how to handle with the harm of the tranquilizersh.

@I canft write every time but please note that not all people suffer from adverse effects of drugs although every drug may cause adverse effects. Some may use a drug effectively and safely. But I had to point out that there were some tranquilizers that are easily abused and that in fact, they were substantially abused.

@The typical case that I got from readers was as follows: I asked my doctor of my side effects but he says gNo problem, for a mild pill.h How can I do?

@The common problem for them is that they are never informed that drugs have both good effects and hazard. They tend to be panic when they are suddenly informed with the negative side of the drug.

@Properly speaking, patients should inquire doctors or pharmacists about their drugs and whether they are suffering from drugfs side effects or not. But rarely they can. If a patient asks the doctor, they seldom get an straight answer. Those may be the background of the many questions to us. On the other hand, doctors donft have enough time to explain patients. There are many problems to be solved. But I cannot help saying that patients should ask your doctors or pharmacists about the drugs frankly.

@If your symptom is stable and your amount of pills is small and donft increase, donft worry please.

@Then try to face the original cause that make you need tranquilizers or sleeping pills. This is very important especially for those whose dosage is increasing. One tends to become difficult to sleep or anxious by some events such as a new work, new school, failure in business or failure in an examination. Anti-anxiety drugs or sleeping pill are easily prescribed by doctors and easily used by such persons.

@But make sure that drugs are unnecessary for the relief of anxiety or tension associated with the stress of every

day life that is easily understandable for everyone. This is commonly found in the foreign medical texts or manuals.

@And next, youfd better avoid such a drug that is rapid-acting and easy-to-wake-up in the morning because it is easier to cause dependence. And if you use an anti-anxiety drug, please use it only for a short period.

@If you are using sleeping pills or anti-anxiety drugs for the relief of anxiety or tension associated with the stress of every day life at the beginning, try to solve the original problem and consult a doctors frankly to get out of using the drugs as soon as possible.

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