"Check-up Your Medicines to Save Your Life"

No.11 Sleeping Pills and Tranquilizer


Message: Evidence that NPOJIP has Given to Civil Movement

KOGA, Masako
Japan Consumers' Alliance

Main Feature: Benzodiazepin

‘"Is there an appropriate sleeping hours as such?" Q&A
HAMA, Rokuro
‘Benzodiazepin: advantages and disadvantages of sleeping pills and tranquilizers
UMEDA, Tadatoshi
‘Column: Halcion (triazolam) scandal
‘On insomnia and sleeping pills
MITA, Yasuko
‘Benzodiazepin: Side effects of sleeping pills and tranquilizer
HAMA, Rokuro & KIMOTO, Yasusuke
‘Drug information leaflet for patients: Triazolam (Halcion), Diazepam


‘The Relay Essay "One dementia patient and medicines"
‘Medicine in Film: "Sleeping pills"
KIMOTO, Yasusuke
‘Bioethics in Lay Language 11 "Medicine is a benevolent act?"
TANIDA, Noritoshi
‘History of Drug Disaster: SMON (subacute-myelo-optico-neuropathy, clioquinol@poisoning)
‘How to communicate with doctors: Case study
@"What is the standard therapy for cancer?"
‘Tricks of new drug approval
@Protopic ointment: a specific remedy for atopic dermatitis? or dangerous?
@Who would take responsibility if it causes cancer?
HAMA, Rokuro & SAKAGUCHI, Keiko
‘Coffee Break
‘Visit(1): Patients' Rights Ombudsman Japan, the Symposium
@"Ethics of medicine in the 21st century: For medicine based on consent and trust"
‘Visit(2): Association for Medical Accident Investigation
@the 8th Symposium "Preventing Malpractices"


‘Some thoughts on SARS panic
TANIDA, Noritoshi

@Protopic ointment for children should not be approved.
HAMA, Rokuro

‘Q&A: On the use of allopurinol for dialysis patients

‘Readers' Voice


Words Frequently Heard at Hospital

  • Hypnotic-----Easy use must be avoided.
  • Withdrawal syndrome-----Get a good grasp of drugs prescribed.
  • Tranquilizer-----Be aware of the strength of dependency.
  • Anti-convulsion drugs-----Cessation by layman's judgment is dangerous.
  • General anesthesia-----Monitoring of respiration and blood pressure is important.