gMaking Bodies Needing No Pillh@@30th June 2001
Important Three Major Nutients

By HAMA, Rokuro
Chairman: NPO Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance

@The newspapers recently reported that the cut-off value of high cholesterol level would be changed from g220h tog240h.

@I suppose that some of those who are always diagnosed as ghigh cholesterolh at medical check-up or who are taking cholesterol- lowering medicines might be surprised.

@Everyone hopes for being healthy. And everyone knows that nutrient is important for health. However there are a lot of misunderstandings or plausible explanations about detailed contents of nutrients. In some case, fragmentary knowledge is excessively emphasized.

@So we sometimes need to check them carefully. Ifd like you all to think basically over why gnutrienth is important. It must be the best way to use drug effectively and safely that you are not become ill and you need no drug. The correct knowledge about nutrients is ga good medicineh against not only infectious diseases or Diabetes Mellitus but also allergy and cancer.

@Letfs run through again, human body has various protection system such as inflammatory response and immunity to protect from foreign bodies not only outside but also inside of onefs body. To keep the best condition, blood vessels, nerves, hormonal system, and enzymes promptly react in a well-balanced manner. Fundamental elements in every organ that support these important functions are cells. To make these cells active, the firm structure and efficient energy are essential. It is like automobiles need durable bodies and clean and efficient energy-rich fuel to keep good driving..

@The cleanest and the most efficient energy for human is glucose. It is made of carbohydrates.

@The materials of healthy human body structure are protein and fat (cholesterol or oil). Strong cell membrane and tissue, enzymes essential for metabolism and elements of blood are made of these two elements.

@Carbohydrates, protein and fat are three major nutrients. Some may imagine vitamins or minerals as essential nutrients. For example the typical Japanese over-the-counter hhealthy drinkable pillh contains up to 2mg of amino acid (a material of protein). Itfs only a quarter of that of an egg. Though it also contains from several to ten times vitamins as much as one needs for one day, too much vitamins are merely excreted into the urine.

@If you steadily take three major nutrients through meals, you can take enough vitamins or minerals in it.Three major nutrients are paramount for your health.

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