"Check-up Your Medicines to Save Your Life"

No.8 Asthma & Essential Drugs


Message: Essential Medicines and their Effect

KONDOH, Makoto
Lecturer, Keioh University, Dept. of Medicine Radiology

Main Feature: Asthma & Essential Drugs

¡Essential drugs and dangerous substances for asthma: Q&A
HAMA, Rokuro
¡Hypnotics could aggravate sleeping disorders!!
¡Essential drugs and European views on medicine
¡Essential drugs and dangerous chemical substances:
@drugs for asthma, gastrointestinal drugs etcc


¡The Relay Essay "Drugs, Full of misunderstandings"
¡Medicine in Film: Antibiotics
KIMOTO, Yasusuke
¡Bioethics in Lay Language 8 "History of bioethics 3"
TANIDA, Noritoshi
¡History of Drug Disaster4: Chloroquine
¡Interview by Editor in Chief
@With Mr. KATSUMURA, Hisashi
@"Medical law suit and medical receipt disclosure"
¡Coffee Break
¡Visit1: Report on ISDB General Assembly in Croatia
¡Visit2: 8.23 Drug Disaster Eradication Day


¡"Intradermal test on antibiotic should be continued."
HAMA, Rokuro
¡ On psycho-social care for mothers who have experienced stillbirth
TANIDA, Noritoshi
¡ Fluoride is dangerous!

@Evidence for new drug approval should be all disclosed.
HAMA, Rokuro

¡ Q&A: Is pre-testing for antibiotics necessary for "every use"?


Words Frequently Heard at Hospital

  • Contraindication---Substantial harm for certain patients
  • Shock-----Two types of drug-induced shock: anaphylaxis and toxic type
  • Adrenaline---Some of the drugs in this group are powerful remedy for asthma or anaphylaxis etc.
  • ICU-----Provide intensive care for serious cases
  • H2 Blocker-----Anti-peptic ulcer agent suppressing gastric acidity
  • Receipt-----In principle, disclosed on request
  • Informed Consent-----Important also in usual medical practice